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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Aasavas - Outflows - Proliferation.

Aasavas - Outflows - Proliferation.

The Citta doesn't realise that it is constantly generating an output stream of
proliferating thoughts, triggered by & in turn triggering off memories, so as to
maintain a perception of what it believes it's true self to be.

This outflow can be seen as four sub groups of proliferation, each of which
maintains or establishes a sense of identity of it's own.

The Proliferation of Views is probably the easiest to understand in this
context. Views & opinions being very strong forms of identity & attachment,
anything from politics to cooking recipes.

The other three being perhaps a little more subtle. First, lets take the most
basic form from which the others arise, namely Delusion. This is characterised
by a dullness, no doubt caused by the dissipative wear & tear of the other three types of Proliferation. The Citta, unknowingly, then jumps to the wrong conclusion & assumes this dullness to be a basic quality of itself & promptly identifies with it. Thus, in turn, becoming the cause for the other three types.

The Aasava of Becoming is often misleadingly given a philosophical
interpretation. But in fact is a real motivating force in it's own right. Nothing
less than the compulsive desire for existence and the corresponding terror of

Lastly, but by no means least, the Aasava of Sense Desires. This essentially includes every thing that impinges on the six sense bases. But it's most important and powerful form is the drive for sexual procreation: the topic of a whole article on its own.

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