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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Balancing Intuition and Logic

The Citta manifests as functions of both Intuition and Logic, though not at the same time. Thus it is important to have both in harmony for a well integrated personality.

Problem is when through education one dominates at the expence of the other. If Logic dominates then cut back on sleep & get fatigued & confused. Logic can't handle this & Intuition can assert itself.

If Intuition dominates then fix something eg., a broken clock etc., or design & build something, even if it is only with a computer. This is because the Citta is not discrete nor is it continuous, nor is it both , nor is it neather: it is _Anicca_.

Problems with above:
The concepts are 'space/time' ie conventional, not direct. Regardless of how well developed &/or balanced, they are still dissatisfying, incomplete, not free from the possibility of any future degredation. They do not solve the problem of Dukkha, do not point out delusion in any way: in fact are a continuation of it.

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